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Wealth Management System

A cutting-edge solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of global financial institutions. It empowers these institutions to accurately identify customer needs and preferences, generate personalized financial product recommendations, and successfully execute marketing strategies.

Tailored features for your business success

Enhance wealth management operations with features designed to boost efficiency and performance.

Efficient Deployment
The system supports the rapid deployment of high-quality workflows with automatic evaluation iteration, ensuring that strategies are up-to-date and effective.
Multi-Channel Integration
Configure and integrate over 10 channels for seamless multi-channel collaboration, enhancing the customer's journey and touchpoints.
System Framework
A robust framework that includes a mobile app, SMS, outbound calls, CRM, and other channels, along with features like A/B testing, customer group screening, and data synchronism.
Marketing Strategy
Easily create new workflows by selecting nodes and support complex decision flow configurations. Workflows can be adjusted and enhanced to cater to specific needs.
Success Criteria
Define success criteria for subsequent workflow evaluations, with online automation reducing evaluation time and improving accuracy.
Customer Filter
Utilize segmentation tags for easy customer filtering, supporting various operators for refined targeting.
One of the leading digital bank in Asia
A digital bank with assets of $17bn has significantly improved its operations by implementing Dyna.Ai’s Wealth Management System. The bank's original process was plagued by lengthy data retrieval and lack of channel integration.
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