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Empower banks to deliver services to customers, expand financial inclusion, reduce fraud and manage risk, and help remain compliant.

Enhanced customer experience
By adopting a cloud-native banking platform, banks can offer their customers convenience, choice, and speed, meeting the demands of younger, digital-first consumers. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty as the bank is able to provide a more seamless and flexible banking experience.
Innovation and new services
Dyna.Ai allows banks to launch an infinite number of new services and banking models, enabling them to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. This can result in a wider variety of offerings for customers, providing them with more options and personalized solutions to meet their financial needs.
Integration and flexibility
Empower banks to take a staggered approach to transitioning to the new platform, reducing disruption and risk. This provides customers with the assurance that their banking services will continue to operate smoothly while the bank evolves and improves its capabilities.
Solutions help drive profitability efficiency
Risk Management
Risk management for consumer lending, and SME lending.
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Audience Operations
AI-powered business growth solution for lending, and wealth management.
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Decision Engine System
Automated decision-making system for banking.
Remote ID verification solution designed to streamline the processes online.
BI System
Business intelligence and analytics Software.
Wealth Management System
Optimize marketing with tailored, risk-minimizing wealth management solutions.
Model Management System
End-to-end model lifecycle management.
Digital Banking System
End-to-end model lifecycle management.
AI Digital Employee
Realistic AI human for interactive multilingual tasks.
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