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Utilize cutting-edge AI techniques to foster
digitalization and intelligentization.

Application Systems


Decision Engine System

Empowers business users to visually deploy strategies and models, supporting automated risk control decisions throughout the credit lifecycle. It enables rapid data integration, achieves full process automation, and enhances operational efficiency.

BI System

A tool that processes, analyzes, and presents business data to help enterprises gain better insight into their business status and facilitate leaders in making decisions, allowing for the visualization and presentation of data in a clear format for stakeholders.

Model Management System

A digital platform built around the entire life cycle of models, encompassing model training, management, and monitoring. With these functions, efficiency in model development can be enhanced, model management and monitoring can be conducted efficiently, and potential model risks can be identified, controlled, and alleviated.

Insurance Risk Management System

Through decision-making data collection and preparation, insurance algorithm model construction, and decision-making system intelligent rules arrangement, we can achieve risk management in different insurance scenarios, such as different types of insurance, insurance liability, and insurance terms.

Wealth Management System

A secure and integrated platform that facilitates the storage and management of digital payment methods and financial assets. It enables users to make transactions, manage their funds, and access various financial services seamlessly through a single digital interface.
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